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News - 02/17/09...

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN smashes it's way with big booms online!

Haven't really got a clue what the film's story arc is yet... I think, from the trailer, that more bad robots fall from the sky causing havoc. S*** goes boom. New Robots bigger than original robots. Problems occur. What plot do you gather from the trailer?

Fuji TV to broadcast 'Dragon Ball Z' with digital enhancements

Toei has revealed on the official Japanese Dragon Ball Z website that on April 5, 2009, at 9AM, Fuji TV shall air Dragon Ball Z with all new digital enhancements in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Dragon Ball Z series. This new broadcast version shall contain revised and enhanced special effects and animation. Dragon Ball Z first aired on April 26, 1989, and April 5 is notable for being creator Akira Toriyama’s 54th birthday. Further details are to be announced.

No North American acquisition of this digitally enhanced version has been announced.

1st of 3 WOLVERINE spots!

Here's the first of three TV spots that Fox is doing over three nights in a row. Gotta love them Bone Claws, eh? Here ya go...

White Doggie Frolics in Foreign Lands

While Bolt has pretty much run out its string in the States, it continues to collect significant coin overseas:

Disney's "Bolt" finished a distant but decent second to "Button," fetching $16.5 million at 3,696 playdates -- most of that from its U.K. launch of $7.8 million (including previews) and its second French frame, which saw grosses edge up 2% to $4.3 million.

"Bolt" has cumed $131.8 million outside the United States as the Mouse House opted for a staggered release pattern aimed at individual markets. The toon should stay a player as both the U.K. and France are entering school holiday periods ...

So Bolt has now outpaced its domestic totals in overseas markets.

It appears to me that the picture will double its domestic accumulation before all the tickets are sold, earning it a total worldwide take somewhere north of $300 million.

Not a monster blockbuster. But not an embarrassment either.

(Thanks Animation Guild Blog)

WALL-E wins Ace Eddie Award

THR reports that Pixar’s WALL-E made history by becoming the first animated feature film to win an Eddie, when its editor Stephen Schaffer claimed the prize for “Best Edited Feature Comedy/Musical” award Sunday night.

"Fred's Head" nominated for $50K Shaw Rocket Prize

Teletoon's teen series "Fred's Head" is among the four finalists for the $50,000 Shaw Rocket Prize, which honors Canadian programming aimed at kids aged 13 to 17.

Produced by Spectra Animation of Montreal, Fred's Head -- known in French as Blaise le Blase -- is an irreverent and provocative comedy about the whirlwind life of Fred Leblanc, a bright and perceptive 16-year-old boy. The series also airs on the French network France 2.

Mixing irony with wacky humor, Fred's Head shows us the world as seen through teenage eyes. Rampant consumerism, stardom and marginalization are some of the issues with which Fred will struggle to come to terms... with all the sarcasm that his off-the-wall imagination can muster.

Chosen by an international jury of industry experts, the prize finalists were announced Thursday at the 10th annual KidScreen Summit in New York.

Also nominated for the Rocket Prize are CTV's music-related soap drama Instant Star; CTV hockey movie Sticks and Stones; and How She Move, a step dancing movie which was broadcast on CBC, TMN and Movie Central.

Over 800 students in Grades 6 through 8 students will choose the winner as part of a classroom program in which youngsters discuss and evaluate the finalists.

The winner will be named May 6 in Toronto.

New Simpsons HDTV opening

The Simpsons have changed their opening sequence. Sunday night’s show opened with a revised version formatted in wide screen for HD, the first revamp of the main titles since 1989. The original version had been the last vestige of the show’s Klasky Csupo roots.

(Thanks cartoonbrew)

"Superman: The Animated Series" Disney XD Mini-Marathon Slated For Later This Month

Disney XD, the name of the relaunched Toon Disney network, has released schedule information for later this month.

The Disney XD network has scheduled a special programming block of Superman: The Animated Series episodes slated to air on Friday, February 20th, 2009. Further information is below.

Friday, February 20th, 2009
11:00am (ET) Superman: The Animated Series "Two's a Crowd"
11:30am (ET)
Superman: The Animated Series "Blast from the Past, Part 1"
12:00pm (ET)
Superman: The Animated Series "Blast from the Past, Part 2"
12:30pm (ET) Superman: The Animated Series "The Prometheon"

More special programming blocks of Superman: The Animated Series are slated to air on Disney XD. Superman: The Animated Series regularly airs Sunday - Monday at 2:00am (ET) on Disney XD.

The first Star Trek Blu-rays will beam down in April and May

Our buddy at TrekMovie.com broke the news today that CBS and Paramount will release the first sets of its Star Trek franchise on Blu-ray in April and May, right around the May 8 release date of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie.

A box set of season one of the original TV series comes out April 28. Following on May 12 are collections of TOS films: Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection (The Motion Picture through Star Trek VI) and the Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy (II, III and IV). The latter set will also come out on DVD on May 12.

The season one box set will feature a Blu-ray transfer of the high-definition "remastered" episodes, which were previously released on DVD in November 2007, but the Blu-ray set will also allow you to view the episodes with their original 1960s visual effects.

The new movie sets feature high-definition remasters of the theatrical versions of the six films, along with new special features in HD. Click through to TrekMovie.com for more details.

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