Monday, January 28, 2008

MTV Animation Reunion Bash

For those who didn't know, MTV Animation had a "unofficial" reunion this past Saturday night in NY, for the cast and crews of "Beavis and Butt-Head", "Daria", "Downtown", "The Head", "Celebrity Deathmatch", among others, with one also happening 3 hours earlier in L.A.

Here a few pics from the NY bash, hopefully with more to come - thanks Kevin and Miguel.

(Clockwise L to R) Dougie Hines, Miguel Martinez-Joffre, Geoffrey Johnson, Diane Sparagano-Palermo, Otis Brayboy, Kimson Albert, Ben Price, Kevin Lofton

(L to R) - Ben Price, Miguel Martinez-Joffre, Gloria DePonte, Jen Batanich

(L to R) - Dougie Hines, Kevin Lofton, Kimson Albert, Ben Price

(L to R) - Nick DeMayo, Tony Kluck, Miguel Martinez-Joffre

(L to R) Ben Price, Miguel Martinez-Joffre, Kimson Albert, Kevin Lofton, Diane Sparagano-Palermo

(L to R): Diane Sparagano-Palermo, Miguel Martinez-Joffre, Bryon Moore

(Clockwise, from Lower Left): Kimson Albert, Kevin Lofton, Ben Price, Otis Brayboy, Miguel Martinez-Joffre

(L to R): Dominie Mahl, Michael Zod, Diane Sparagano-Palermo

(L to R):Don Poynter, Kevin Lofton, Gloria DePonte

(L to R): Doug Crane, Ben Price, Mike Baez

(L to R):Vicky Smith, Pat Smith (no relation), Olivia Ward, Dougie Hines (behind Olivia), unknown (sorry!)

(L to R): Amy Jackson, Anne D. Bernstein, Machi Tantillo, Yvette Kaplan

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