Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Green Lantern, Wonder Woman & J’onn J’onzz Grounded!! George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Production Delayed By Strike!!

Citing script problems that couldn’t be remedied during the writers guild strike, Warner Bros. has decided to let its options lapse on the cast for George Miller’s upcoming “Justice League" movie.

The project will now have to wait until the AMPTP and/or Warner Bros. make deals with the writers, actors and directors guilds. The latter two unions see their agreements with the studios come up for renewal this summer.

Those said to have been cast but now may or may not be available once production commences include:

Adam Brody (Wally West), who turns 29 in December;
Scott Porter (Clark Kent), who turns 29 in July;
Lonnie “Common” Lynn (John Stewart), who turns 36 in March;
Megan Gale (Diana of Themyscira), who turns 32 in August.

Many will be thrilled that that such young actors may not play these iconic DC superheroes.

But. Look at the ages of other actors when they played their superhero roles:

Christopher Reeve, 24 in 1976;
Lynda Carter, 24 in 1975;
Christian Bale, 29 in 2003;
Brandon Routh, 25 in 2004.

Read all of Variety’s story on the delay here.

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