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New 'Next Avengers' trailer

IGN has the latest trailer for 'Next Avengers', featuring Earth's mightiest crumb-crunchers and a geriatric Hulk!

Iron Man 2 to Start Filming When?

In an article at Military.com talking about Terrence Howard's character Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes in Iron Man, the actor revealed that he will begin filming for Iron Man 2 in March of 2009.

The sequel has already been scheduled for a release on April 30, 2010. Jon Favreau is expected to direct again, with Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow returning as well.

You won't have to wait that long to see Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark back on the big screen, however. Just catch The Incredible Hulk this Friday for a cool cameo.

In related news, ComingSoon.net reports that Iron Man added $7.5 million domestically and $4.8 million internationally this weekend to bring its worldwide total to a massive $538 million.

Major Marvel Hero cameo in 'Incredible Hulk'?

G4TV chats up 'Incredible Hulk' director Louis Leterrier who talks about the task of following up Ang Lee's movie with his own vision. About three minutes into the interview, Leterrier says fans "might see" a cameo from a major Marvel hero...SPOILER!!

Bob the Builder getting a CG makeover

Kids entertainment producer Hit Entertainment will produce the next series of Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends in CGI, says C21 Media. Thomas will be reworked by Canadian production company Nitrogen, with LA-based SD Entertainment taking up CGI duties on Bob the Builder. The result of 18 months research, Christopher Skala, executive producer and SVP of production and programming for Hit Entertainment, said the new versions did not signal a policy for all Hit properties to be made in CGI, but were intended to improve the emotional connection between the characters and viewers: “We felt it was the right time to refresh and update these loveable characters in CGI and take Bob and Thomas into a new era.”

New clip from Wall•E makes its way online

/Film posted on their site the video clip from Pixar’s upcoming film that was shown during ABC’s airing of Finding Nemo this weekend. The scene involves Eve placing Wall•E in a shuttle back to earth. Sigourney Weaver makes a cameo as the voice of the space shuttle computer.

The use of celebrity voices in DreamWorks Animation films

The Globe and Mail takes a very interesting look this morning at celebrity voices in animated feature films, noting that “em>Kung Fu Panda was in production for four years, but Angelina Jolie spent one week on it and got all the press. Few people know who provided the voices for such classic animated movies as Snow White or Bambi, but DreamWorks has its own formula. The company is famous for using high-profile stars to provide character voices and help sell their animated movies, even though lesser-known actors will dub over the voices in different languages around the world. As co-director Mark Osborne explains: “There’s two phases. The discovery phase where anything goes and we ask the actors to ad lib and play in the world of their imaginations - and then when we come back to them with the finished animation, the process is very surgical and not nearly as much fun, when we’ll ask them to do one line precisely.”

Playhouse Disney Jumpstarts Summertime Animation

Summertime with Playhouse Disney

This summer, the Playhouse Disney programming is looking to get a head-start on the block's planned expansion by integrating a new, original short-form series as well as a variety of themed weeks of adventure. Playhouse Disney, a daily programming block seen on Disney Channel in the U.S., provides emotional, social and cognitive assistant to multiple areas of child development for early education audiences. New this June is the cartoon Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?, which kicks off what will surely be an adventurous summer.

Starting Saturday, June 21st, 2008, Playhouse Disney will officially transition into summer with their "Super Duper Summer Saturdays" programming block -- a weekend highlight and summer-long event. Disney Channel is currently planning on airing new episodes of their most popular animated television properties every weekend throughout the entire summer, which includes a rotation of programs such as My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and especially the channel's newest preschool animation: Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?

Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? is an interactive series where the lead character, a kid named Mikey, needs the viewers' help to enable his pet Alligator (Al E. Gator) to better improve his social skills. Whether that include being quiet at the local library or eating at a nice restaurant, Al needs all of the help he can get. In the premiere episode of Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? (Sat. June 21st) for example, Mikey and Al go to the playground and eventually learn how important it is to share toys and play games with the other children.

With the premiere of Alligator Manners and "Super Duper Summer Saturdays" on Playhouse Disney comes a full-schedule of outdoor-themed programming. The schedule for June 21st includes: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (9:00am ET), wherein Minnie is determined to snap a photo of the rare Hula Hibiscus that only blooms once a year. As a result, the Sensational Six set off on a jungle safari to explore new territory and find the legendary flower.

Following is the previously stated premiere of Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? (9:55am ET), where Al must learn how to share the fun with their friend Kerri by taking turns and asking nicely to borrow toys.

A short while later, comes Bunnytown (10:00am ET), when Professor Doodlebunny invents a jolly song, the Bunnytown Choir performs "Are You Sleeping?," and the bunnies sing about the great outdoors in the "What's in the Sky" song.

Lastly on the premiere of "Super Duper Saturdays" is an episode of Little Einsteins (11:00am ET), where Annie and the gang are at a carnival, and Annie has her eye on a beautiful stuffed horse. In order to win the horse, Annie must play The Great Schubert's Guessing Game and find clues all around the carnival to discover which ride is the Great Schubert's favorite.

In news related to Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney, the week following the premiere of "Super Duper Summer Saturdays," the programming block will get just a tad bit goofier, as it features a Goofy-themed episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse each weekday from Monday 23rd through an all-new episode on Friday, June 27th.

The new episode, titled "Mickey's Art Show," finds the gang preparing for Mickey's arts and crafts show; everyone's pitching in, except Goofy that is, because he's having some trouble as to what exactly he should do for his art project. Mickey and pals get Goofy painting, sculpting and drawing – and eventually he discovers that, while his art doesn't turn out like everyone else's, it perfectly expresses who he is – spontaneous, unpredictable and… well, goofy.

The schedule for Goofy Week is as follows: "Goofy's Hat" (June 23rd), "Fancy Dancin' Goofy" (June 24th), "Goofy in Training" (June 25th), "Goofy Baby" (June 26th), and the new episode, "Mickey's Art Show" (Friday, June 27th). All of the episodes air on Playhouse Disney at 8:30am ET/PT.

TELETOON Detours 10 Canadian Pilots

The Detour on TELETOON Pilot Project has given the green light to 10 projects chosen from among more than 200 submitted to the contest from across Canada.

The project, launched last September, solicited new comedy cartoons for its popular evening block aimed at viewers ages 18-34. TELETOON will invest more than $1.5 million to make the pilots, which will air on both the English and French versions of the network in Spring 2009.

The winning titles and their production companies are:

Angora Napkin, Mugisha Enterprises: A unique musical bubble-gum pop trio, Angora Napkin is a band unlike any other composed of three sexy girls Beatrice, Molly, Mallory. Attracting trouble along with the macabre, the girls always seem to come out on top with the help of their impromptu peppy songs and inability to see the dark side of any situation, no matter how menacing.

Celebutard Nation, Nelvana: Celebutard Nation places the undeserved spotlight on the scandalous exploits of four over-exposed 20-something celebrities as they stumble headfirst into the pitfalls of unwarranted fame and unearned fortune. Budding movie-star Paisley, heiress Terra, rock star spawn Kimberly and billionaire Baron, are blissfully unaware that the whole world mocks them, pities them and occasionally, in their darkest moments, wonders what it is like to be them.

Chinatown Cops, Portfolio Entertainment: A crime wave has hit Chinatown, enshrouding everything from the mom and pop laundromat to the dim sum restaurant in a dangerous veil of crime and corruption. Sadly, nobody cares but Officer Jay Walker and his partner Rick Xia (“Shaw”): sexy, sensitive super cops of the Chinatown beat. They will brave any danger and suffer any humiliation to inflict their specialized brand of Ginseng Justice in order to save their home from the talons of mysterious new crime queen-pin, Honey Moon.

Drop Dead Gorgeous, CINEMARIA: Animated in a distinctive anime-inspired style, Drop Dead Gorgeous is fast-paced morality tale with a bloody, absurdist twist as four luscious, sex-hungry, fashion-gorged college girls moonlight as an elite troop of hired assassins. Into fashion, music, hot guys and tabloid gossip, the girls are as ruthlessly selective about who is in, as they are about who is taken out.

Fugget About It, 9 Story Entertainment Inc.: It's hard for a quick-tempered goodfella who's used to always getting his way to settle for suburban life in Canada. Powerful New York under-boss, Jimmy Falcone and his family try unsuccessfully to fit in the suburban life in the witness protection program in sleepy Oakville Ontario.

Nerdland, Cuppa Coffee: Full of sharp pop culture references and with a scathing sense of humour, Nerdland follows the misanthropic adventures of a group of obsessive nerds as they try to achieve pwnage and survive in a decidedly nerd-unfriendly society.

Ninjamaica, Lenz Entertainment: With a cutting edge graphic look and a creative team made up of hot new comedians and musicians, Ninjamaica melds animated action adventure with biting comedy and a bumping musical soundtrack. An amnesiac Rasta with extraordinary fighting powers and an insatiable appetite sets out to rebuild his memory and reclaim his life, all while dodging bullets from his many enemies and possibly making time for a Twinkie.

NUNCHUCKS, Fresh TV Inc.: Ninjas are everywhere, from housewives to school janitors and even nuns. NUNCHUCKS follows the amazing adventures of Sister Mary O’Lary and Sister Catherine Fitzgerald, two undercover ninjas posing as nuns at the impoverished St. Pius X Convent. Between fighting injustice, drooling over the hot instructor at the new karate dojo and dodging the pious sister Anne Sheppard, things get complicated for the girls.

Space Knights, Fatkat Animation: Space Knights is a parody of super hero cartoons of the late 90’s. A group of slightly outdated superheroes who drive Honda Accords that when linked together, can transform into a variety of giant robots, from a pterodactyl, to a giant T-Rex, to a saber tooth tiger, the Space Knights use these and other powers to stop a never ending stream of bizarre creatures and insane villains. The irreverent comedy follows the misshapen adventures of the crime fighting team who must battle bickering and in-fighting almost as much as the external foes they face.

The Wireless Family, Riez Encore: The Wireless Family is your typical dysfunctional and crisis prone suburban family. Ordinary challenges soon develop into extraordinary situations however, as they become unintentional participants in the Middle East peace process, an assassination attempt on the Pope and a character assassination in the NHL.

NVISION ’08 Raises Stakes for Gamers, Artists

NVIDIA has sweetened the pot for this year's visual-computing summit NVISION (which takes place August 25-27 in San Jose, CA) with participants in the GeForce LAN and NVScene consumer events eligible to win more than $100,000 in prizes.

For the first time, GeForce LAN will offer more than $40,000 in cash plus more in hardware prizes for its video game tournament and case-mod competitions. Sponsors are throwing in $60,000 in additional competitions, raffles and contests.

Another $40,000 in cash and hardware prizes will be awarded to the best artists and coders at NVScene, the largest-ever U.S. gathering of creative minds in demoscene, machinima and digital art.

NVISION is also home to the Electronic Sports World Cup finals, with the world’s best gamers duking it out for a cash pot worth $200,000. The event also features keynote addresses on the state and future of visual computing from leaders and celebrities in the industry.

Other highlights include:

• Special High-Def screenings of the features Fly Me to the Moon, U2 3D and other 3-D titles served up by the world’s most advanced Stereoscopic 3-D equipment.
• Presentation by visual computing industry leaders and visionaries.
• Planned track for “The Professional Visualization Solutions.”
• Video games Live: A multimedia performance synching a live orchestra with video game imagery.

To learn more about this event, visit www.nvision2008.com. To register, go to

Tinker Bell DVD to Fly in October

It’s been 55 years since Tinker Bell made her animated debut in the popular Disney feature Peter Pan. The single-minded fairy will be the star of her own CG-animated adventure on October 28, when Disney Home Entertainment releases Tinker Bell on DVD and Blu-ray. This will be the first time the iconic character will actually speak, voiced by Mae Whitman, who recently replaced Brittany Murphy who was originally up for the part. The star-studded voice cast also includes America Ferrara, Raven-Symone, Kristin Chenoweth, Lucy Liu and Angelica Huston.

Produced by DisneyToon Studios, Tinker Bell was the subject of much tweaking and soul-searching, especially after John Lasseter joined Disney as CCO a couple of years ago. The movie explores the fairy’s early life in the fantastic world of Pixie Hollow and her friendships with other multicultural and magical creatures. Tinker Bell is directed by Bradley Raymond (The Lion King 1 ½, Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas and Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World).

Tinker Bell, the first in a series of films featuring the Disney Fairies, will be priced at $29.99 on DVD and $34.99 on Blu-Ray.

You can watch John Lasseter’s intro to the movie at: www.totaleclips.com/player/Splash.aspx?custid=3&clipid=e40242&playerid=69&affiliateid=-1&bitrateid=378&formatid=10

The film’s trailer is at:

Sam Register Named Exec VP of Creative Affairs for WB Animation

Variety is reporting that Sam Register has been named the Executive Vice President for Creative Affairs at Warner Brothers Animation. Register was an executive and producer for Cartoon Network for 10 years, shepherding shows like Teen Titans and Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi to the air. His new responsibilities will include overseeing development and production of the new content to be produced for television, direct-to-video, and online markets. The announcement comes several months after his signing a multi-property development deal in November 2007.

NY Times on Bakugan's Marketing Strategy

The New York Times has taken a look at the marketing strategy for Bakugan Battle Brawlers, a new toy franchise from Spin Master that includes road shows and an animated series on Cartoon Network. Spin Master is the company behind several other successful toy franchises such as Moon Sand, Tech Deck, and Air Hogs, and has built its success on a grass-roots approach to marketing and nimble strategy.

Toon Zone Throwdown Round 2: Top 5 Duels

Here at Toon Zone News, we firmly believe that non-violent solutions to Real World problems are the ones that should be actively sought out and implemented. These solutions are harder to do, but if done correctly, they will tend to be more permanent, resulting in less ancillary suffering of innocent bystanders and more long-term happiness for all parties involved.

That's why we want our cartoon characters to solve their problems with a
s much violence as possible.

So, to commemorate the opening of
Kung Fu Panda last week and The Incredible Hulk movie this week, and with tongues placed firmly in cheek, the staff at Toon Zone News has pumped up the adrenaline and the testosterone to put together the Hulk-sized Toon Zone Throwdown: our completely subjective picks for the best slugfests in animation, divided into five categories of five fights each. There will be one new Top 5 list per day, starting Monday and running to the opening of The Incredible Hulk on Friday.

When it comes to killing someone, you can’t get fairer than a duel. With a weapon of choice in one hand, and the opponent's heart in the other, duels have been the ultimate way to correct a matter of honor, finish an argument, or simply woo the tender heart of a charming lady. Yes, duels have a simple social legacy that rips through the quagmire of complications - no need for politicians, social workers, or Montel Williams. You just need two weapons, two people and preferably a change of underwear.

So while the art of stabbing/slicing/shooting your rival honorably through the heart is considered a faux pas in these enlightened days, we can at least enjoy the thrill of a good duel on our television sets. After all, it is the simplest resolution to any dramatic struggle - it is the culmination of a storyline streamlined into absolutes: hero vs villain; good vs evil. It is personal drama at it's most intimate bringing the most final of solutions. Deep down, we all love a good duel.

Unfortunately, given the duels aggressive nature, its logistical headache for animators and the sheer lack of scale, duels have never had quite had the presence in animation as gunfights, star-fights and large lumbering robot-fights. Nevertheless, with an eagle eye it’s not too difficult to find some diverse examples of how animation has used duels to great affect.

So what quantifies a good duel? The answer is as simple as when the blades and pistols met for real - it has to be longer than we immediately expect, and more entertaining that we previously hoped.

So here’s a rundown of five excellent examples of animated duels, each using a slightly different mixture of elements to create the entertainment we crave.

All these writeups may contain spoilers. Ready? Then let's

Samurai Jack Vs Shinobi
Samurai Jack: "Episode XL" (2003)
Directed by Robert Alvarez, Randy Myers, and Genndy Tartakovsky

Why: When it comes to duels, you can’t beat Samurai Jack for a spectacle of smart direction and stylish animation. And this season four episode heralds an example of dueling in its most innovative form. Staged in a tower as the sun sets, creating powerfully contrasting shadows, Jack faces off against a deadly robotic ninja assasin. With the white samurai against the black ninja, this becomes the ultimate duel of contrasts: white vs black.

Quite frankly, I’ve never seen such an impressive fusion of thematic narrative with visual action. The duel between the black ninja and the white samurai literally creates a stark battleground of black and white. With no shades to the animation, it’s a battle that crosses two stark tones. Such an abstract conception must have taken some planning, but it paid off for the final cut. This is a duel with artistic flair that challenges the very expectations of animated fights and has to be there as one of the top five. A memorable moment for Samurai Jack, and a truly monumental moment for animated duels across the board.

Flash Gordon vs. Ming the Merciless
The New Adventures of Flash Gordon: "Chapter 16: Ming's Last Battle" (1979)
(Director unknown)

Why: Back in time we go, near thirty odd years. Proof that break-neck animation is not essential to a darn fine duel. In this Filmation classic, we have the first season finale culminating in a showdown between the dashing Flash Gordon and Mongo’s mighty tyrant - and uncanny Skeletor impersonator - Ming the Merciless.

It may lack the sparkle of contemporary animation, but as duels go, you can’t beat the sheer iconic nature of Earth Champion Flash Gordon taking on ruler of the universe, Ming the Merciless in a fight involving swords, guns and the occasionally hurled piece of rubble.

The rest of the cast can only watch on in awe as the duel has Flash and Ming scaling walls, swashbuckling across balconies, and parrying atop dizzying towers -- enemies and friends united in the sheer sweepstakes potential of the moment. With a solid storyboard, effective pacing and a trumpeting score, the mood is captured succinctly and a fight for the universe makes this a duel a must. It may lack the slick edge of some of the other entries, but it makes up for animated shortcomings in classic dignity.

Anakin Skywalker vs. Asajj Ventress
Star Wars: Clone Wars: "Chapters 17-19" (2003)
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

Why: Well, I can’t honestly say it’s the lightsabers. After six films of the blighters they seem as common as dish mops.

On his hunt for the Asajj Ventress, Anakin Skywalker tracks the Sith warrior to Yavin IV where they commence an extended lightsaber duel across the forest moon that takes up two entire "micro-episodes" of the first season of this show. What makes this duel special how it invokes diversity in pace and direction to sustain its long duration. The duel plays out across a wide variety of grounds and circumstance, starting on a battle on the forest floor that ends up in the trees, before a stand-off by the rain soaked temple, sabers hissing and crackling under the thundering precipitation.

Directorial touches slow the duel down and then crank it up when necessary. There is room for pregnant pauses and even some visual humour. Certainly, this is a duel worthy of the big screen - and who can be surprised coming from the series of films that still owns cinema when it comes to the ultimate dueling weapons: the dish mop...sorry, lightsaber.

Tom vs. Jerry
“Duel Personality” MGM (1965)
Directed by Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble

Why: Proof that a good duel doesn’t have to be a serious one. You know the score. Jerry hits Tom, Tom attacks Jerry, and on they fight, ad infinitum. Under the talented direction of the mighty Chuck Jones, there came an episode where the ultimate comic foes played out the ultimate comedy duel. Here, Tom and Jerry pull out every dueling arsenal in the book. Pistols? Yep. Fencing? Definitely. Bow and Arrow? Gotcha. Cannons? That too. Even slingshots get a look in. On an unusually even battleground, Tom and Jerry duke it out, and even the irritating mouse isn’t immune from a few blows this time. It’s a lot of fun and has to be the ultimate animated comedy duel!

Cloud vs. Sephiroth
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)
Directed by Tetsuya Nomura and Takeshi Nozue

It was a film that didn’t exactly have Final Fantasy fans series in united applause. But whether you loved it or loathed it, the final battle between confuzzled hero Cloud Strife and resurrected sly dog Sephiroth has to be one of the biggest epic duels in animated history. Setting aside any fan squees for the much anticipated return of video games’ biggest icons, this swordfight truly is as epic as it comes.

The 3D animation is incredible, and the battle is waged over a gigantic playing field. Midair flights slam through office floors and even have them carving up buildings as the clash in freefall. The bombastic accompanying soundtrack is full of orchestral wonder, chanting choirs and electric guitars, an aural crescendo to this battle beyond battles. If that wasn’t enough, heck Cloud’s sword itself is actually six different swords combined, as Sephiroth soon discovers in Cloud's final devasting move.

Yes, on all counts, it is an epic duel pushing animation and fight direction to the limits. A duel between two mighty icons of contemporary entertainment pitched in a world with few physical constraints. The truly epic duel.

So there we go, five diverse duels spanning over forty years of animation. Proof that even something so simple as a fight between two people carries such potential when put in the hands of great creative minds.

Coming up in Round 3: Top 5 Power Fights.

Britain's "Charlie and Lola" wins at Banff TV Fest  

"I Can Dance Like a Dancer," an episode from the third season of British series Charlie and Lola, was named best animated program Monday night at the Banff World Television Festival.

A series for pre-schoolers about a boy and his sister, Charlie and Lola is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions Ltd. for children's broadcaster CBeebies. Featuring a unique "collage" animation style and catchy background themes, the show follows the pair as Charlie helps out his often rather independent-minded sister, Lola.

Also nominated in the animation category were "The Moustache Kid," an episode of Nickelodeon's El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera; "A Zen Tale," an episode of Erky Perky, produced by Canadian studio CCI Entertainment in association with Australia's Fragmentce Entertainment; the Shaun the Sheep episode "Still Life," produced by Britain's Aardman Animations in association with BBC for children's channel CBBC; and German entry Tomte Tummetott and the Fox, produced by Trikk 17 in association with ogglies Film Productions for network ZDF.

The partly animated How the Gimquat Found Her Song, an hour-long show produced by Canada's Trace Pictures and Oz Media for TV Ontario, was named the best children's program.

The tale of an awkward bird-like creature in search of her song is told in Dr. Seuss-like verse, transitioning between live performances featuring the actors in front of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and animated worlds which explore the rich history of Western music from Gregorian chant to contemporary rap.

The big winner at the festival was HBO documentary White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It won the grand prize, and was also named best Asian program and best historical show.

Canadian actress Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha on Sex and the City, received the NBC Universal Award of Distinction. BBC producer Jon Plowman, who was behind such shows as the British version of The Office, The Vicar of Dibley and French and Saunders, accepted the festival's lifetime achievement award.

Held at the Banff Springs Hotel in the famed Alberta resort town, the Banff World Television Festival continues until Wednesday.

New Muppets film in the works

IESB recently caught up with Jason Segel about the Muppets film project he is currently developing with Nick Stoller for Walt Disney Pictures. “I actually just turned in my first draft of the MUPPETS and I’m really excited about it. I think we’re bringing them back. Sam the Eagle is definitely in it. Statler and Waldorf - the whole gang! All I can say is that we are trying to bring it back to the early ’80s movies where it’s not Muppets in the Sahara or Muppets Underwater. It’s the Muppets getting back together to put on a show, to save the studio.”

Kung Fu Panda’s directors reveal their secrets

Over at Animated Views, Kung Fu Panda’s directors John Stevenson and Mark Osborne speak to Jeremie Noyer about the making of their $60 million grossing movie!

Favreau on the Iron Man 2 Start Date and Release

Just yesterday it was reported that, according to Terrence Howard, filming for Iron Man 2 would start in March of 2009 for a release on April 30, 2010.

Today, director Jon Favreau told fans on his message board that start date "seems unrealistic."

It's been five weeks since the one and only phone call my reps have gotten from Marvel. I know their hands are full with the Hulk and I’m sure they will get into it shortly, as they tell me they intend to. I ran into the Marvel guys at the Hulk premiere and everyone sounded eager to get to work on IM2.

I am concerned, however, about the announced release date of April 2010. Neither Robert nor I were consulted about this and we are both concerned about how realistic the date is in light of the fact that we have no script, story or even writers hired yet. This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation. It might be better to follow the BB/DK, X/X2 three year release pattern than to scramble for a date. It is difficult because there are no Marvel 09 releases and they need product, but I also think we owe it to the fans to have a great version of
IM2 and, at this point, we would have less time to make it than the first one.

He's answered many more questions from the fans and you can read his answers here!

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